Help. She wants to have a child out of wedlock


This story was shared with me by a middle aged woman (34) who currently lives with her fiancee (36) in their small home in one of the cities in Nigeria. They have been living together for about 3 years now though the relationship is 4 years old. The couple started living together so they could save money and unite formally as husband and wife. The woman has since lost her job in the bank due to downsizing and she was unable to get another so she settled for business from money she saved. Her fiancee sells for a network marketing company.

The problem is, business has not been going on well and they both do not have money to do a formal wedding at the moment. She thinks age is not on her side and like many other women, she does not want to continue aging without a child. She wants to talk to her man about the idea because she has tried to prevent him from using protection without success, but she doesn't know how the man will feel about it because he comes from a background where everyone gets married before having a child. The man has been trying though, but his promises to make their union formal has failed like three times due to money issues, so she wants to do her own way.

Please advise, what do you think she should do at this time?

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