What We Do

NigerianPro.com is a system built to make information sharing and business connections easy among Nigerians, and also empower Nigerian Professionals and Businesses.

Sharing Information

You can share information on NigerianPro.com by:

Asking or Providing Answers to a Question: You can ask a question about anyone or anything (e.g people, places, companies, groups, issues, events etc). Community members can provide answers to your question, and you can accept an answer from the list which best answers your question. You can also answer questions asked by other members of the community in which you are knowledgeable about. Our questions and answers are built with a reward system attached, so the more you provide useful answers or information, the higher your reputation.

Joining or Starting a Discussion: This is a very interesting part of our community where you share your experiences, insight, impression or other information about companies, cities, political figures, businessmen etc in Nigeria. Discussion Topics are categorized and anyone can start or join a discussion in any category, however, only persons in the community who attain a certain reputation can create categories. You can also suggest categories. Our reputation system is also attached to this area, so you could earn or lose reputation (points) for sharing useful or unhelpful information in the community. See how our Point system works.

Once you share any information in our community, the information becomes available on the internet and people can find them either through a search engine or by browsing through our site. Our focus is to promote local content development and enable information to be easily accessible to people who need them


We have a system built for freelancers to get hired from our platform. As a freelancer, you have a personal page to describe your core skills and what kind of jobs you can get hired for. You also have a personal contact form activated on that page to enable prospective clients contact you for a paid service.

Google Adsense

Whether you are here to promote your business, share information, create social or business connections, you can earn money from traffic coming to your profile page. We allow you to publish your own Google Adsense ads on your profile page, and when you get valid clicks, you earn money from Google. For more about this, please visit our "Google Adsense Information" page.

Business Networking

You can be followed or follow anyone on the website to stay up to date with their activities on our site. Follow requests are one way and do not need approval.

Reputation and Rewards

We have a reputation system on our website that gets you rewarded for useful contribution to our website. Here are some ways you can earn reputation on our site:

1. Your Question is voted up +5 Points
2. Your Answer is voted up +10 Points
3. Your Answer is selected as best +15 points
4. Your Business Listing is approved +10 Points what's this?
5. You Get an endorsement +10 Points what's this?

If the activity that rewarded you gets revoked, you lose the equivalent reputation, for instance, if your business listing is removed for any reason, or if your endorsement is withdrawn, you lose 10 points. Everyone on the website starts with +1 reputation, if for any reason your reputation is going to be zero or negative, it will be reset to +1.