Paid Services

We offer paid services to businesses and professionals who want to offer quality customer support to their customers and also automate internal business processes using our e-business tools. This service enhances the experience of your customers and offers more customer retention capabilities. Our customer support tools include a live chat and customer ticketing system. Included for premium users also are a set of e-business tools that help you manage your internal business processes like accounting, warehousing, project management, time tracking, invoices, cost and expenses etc. Learn more about our business tools

How This Works

For the basic support tools, We develop a page for your business. This page describes what you do, how you can be reached physically and how your products and services are sold. Included on this page is a Live Chat tool which you can use to communicate Live with your clients. When you are not available for chat, the client can send a support ticket request to your company, which automatically opens a ticket for the client. You get an email alert of this support ticket request, and you can reply this ticket right from your phone at your convenience. The ticket will have different update states like "task completed", "Question answered", "business concluded", "more information needed" etc. each time you update this ticket, the customer gets a reply email with a link to view the update and reply if required. This happens back and forth till the ticket is closed by you.

You can also login to see all the tickets you're managing, on your dashboard are different classes of tickets (e.g tickets not attended for a particular period, tickets needing urgent attention etc). With this system, you will not miss any task or potential client.

We have 3 levels of support system for your business and clients:

1. Basic: With this system, you get a website page and a basic live chat tool for your clients. When you're unavailable, your clients can send you email from the system and you get an alert.

2. Enhanced: With this system, you get the Basic tools plus full support ticketing system.

3. Premium: With this system, you get the enhanced tools plus ERP system to manage your internal business processes

4. Premium Plus: With this system, you get a full featured website designed with all the capabilities of the premium users and more, e.g search engine optimization.