Frequently Asked Questions

What is all about

Please see about us page for a detailed explanation

What can i do on

1. You can ask or answer questions. Ask questions about anything you care about in Nigeria, including questions about people, places, things, events, ideas, challenges, quests, cultures, just anything that you want answers to. When you ask questions, other members provide answers. You get rewarded with points (reputation) for useful answers you provide. Please see our question guidelines.

2. Start or Join Discussions. You can start or Join Discussion topics about any organization, company, product or service, political or business figure, Government agency, city or location in Nigeria etc. Discussions are categorized and anyone can start or join discussions in the available categories, however, new categories can only be created by people with high reputation (points) in the community.

3. Network with people and professionals. You can be followed or follow other members to stay up to date with their activities on the site. Follow relationships do not require approval. Also, you can join business groups or create your own groups, ideal for communities, associations, tutorial channels and business activism.

4. Enlist Businesses and Manage Business Listings

We have a business directory which allows you to list company information and manage the listing yourself. You can add businesses to our directory to make them searchable by people looking for them. We give you credit for listing a business, that is, we append your name at the bottom of every business you list on our site, something like "business listed by ...", and we also award points once your business listing is approved (Learn about our point system here).

5. Publish blog entries on your favourite topics. You can publish any kind of content you desire on your blog page. However, you may not publish content that violate our policies, for instance, adult content not intended for education purposes only.

6. Promote Your business. There are different ways you can promote your business:

Publish advertisements

Our system allows you to publish ads and target users with different criteria, including specific location. This means that in addition to other targetting criteria, you can also target clients within a specific locality, ideal for small businesses who are concerned primarily about users within their localities. But if your business can sell to people in any part of the country, then you may select every location in your targetting criteria.

You may publish an advertisement in any of these categories:

1. Product or service: If your advertisement is mostly about a product or service, or personal item or set of personal items for sale, including a single item or a set of single items sold at a discount (e.g a set of dormitory items from a graduating student) then select this category

2. Event: If your advertisement is based on events like training, workshop, seminar etc, select this category

3. Discount: If you're offering a discount or promo that spans across more than one product, for instance "10% discount on all our products, 10% discount on our Nokia Lumia phones", select this category

7. Generate Traffic

Generating traffic to your business page can happen in many ways:

1. Publish relevant content: This can attract people to your profile page. To know more about what content you can post, go to your homepage.

2. Enlist Businesses: Enlisting businesses in our directory enables your name to be appended to the bottom of each business you list, something like "business listed by ..."

3. Earning Reputation: The more reputation you earn, the more your chances of being seen at different places on the website. See Earning Reputation for more information

Who can Register on

Anyone can join, both professionals and non-professionals (including students, employed persons, business people etc). The website is meant for sharing information, networking and business promotion among Nigerians

Is Your Website Free to use?

Absolutely, you can register and use our website for free. We do have paid services for professionals and businesses who need them, but use of our website and its available features are free.