About NigerianPro.com

This Page is being developed, but here is a summary of what NigerianPro.com offers presently:

NigerianPro.com has been rebuilt with your needs in mind, and it now offers much more to users and professionals. Here is a recap of our new goals:

We want to promote local content. We understand that much hasnt been known about nigeria and its cities. Information like culture, food, business and investment opportunities, fashion and entertainment etc are yet to be fully promoted online, to make it easier for people to find out more about Nigeria on the internet. We are offering our members and professionals an easy way to promote such content online and take ownership of such towards money making or promoting your business. How?

Well, any content you post about anything in Nigeria links back to you, and the more you get traffic hits on your pages, the more you can earn money legitimately or easily tell people about your business.

I dont have a business yet, can i still earn money providing people with information?

Yes. You can earn money through Google adsense (Like the one you see at the bottom right side of this page). Apply for an adsense account, and put your adsense code on your blog or profile, thats all. Monitor your ads and see how much money you make from legitimate clicks from visitors to your pages.

Here is a real opportunity towards earning money or promoting your business, or even finding business professionals in different cities in Nigeria.

Google adsense is a legitimate way that many people all over the world use to make money online, you can learn more by going to Google yourself, they own adsense and pay people to promote ads for them. We will be providing alot of documentation about guidelines, rules, help and other topics on how to make the best use of our community, many of which will be provided by our community moderators and managers. Feel free to join us and test our features, meanwhile. We are on pre-launch, Follow us on Facebook to stay updated.